1. Ensure that leather gear is clean and dry. Use a soft bristle brush to remove any dirt or debris from top layer of leather. If leather needs a deep clean, use a saddle soap with water to deep clean, then let dry.
  2. Test a small amount of Quack Wax on a hidden patch of leather to preview results.
  3. Once ready to get waxing, start with a small amount of Quack Wax on a cloth and massage into leather. Less is more when it comes to leather balm. Make sure to cover all areas that has leather exposed.
  4. Leather will absorb the balm immediately. **LET DRY FOR 24 HOURS**. Our bridle leathers may darken slightly but will return to their natural shade within 24 hours.
  5. Repeat as necessary to protect, restore, and extend life of leather goods.
Quack Wax
Quack Wax
Quack Wax

Quack Wax

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Quack Wax is the perfect solution for maintaining your hunting and lifestyle leather goods. Handmade by our expert Fowler Hide Supply team in the USA, this leather balm both conditions and adds a water resistant barrier for any hunting trip. Keep your leather looking and feeling its best with Quack Wax.

  • Leather balm conditions, restores and treats the leather while giving a water resistant barrier
  • 2 oz. (59 ml) container
  • Handmade with all natural ingredients
  • Can be applied safely by hand or a soft cloth
    No color change; works on all type of leathers except suede
  • Comes in a screw top metal tin